Smart Solution

Smart Solution mean your air-conditioning system comes on at the right time, you can manage your lights from a smartphone, and your security sensors sends you alarm or messages. You don’t need to build a new house, office, warehouse from the ground up to benefit from the internet of things (IoT) in yours, but older buildings can be more of a challenge than newer.


full freedom of control and communication, as it is compatible with majority of mobile phones or Notepad available on the market.

Intelligent System

Checks and monitors status of individual devices and, if necessary, informs you of an incident.

The graphic interface

Simple configuration interface allowing you to change dependencies between devices, scenes and the entire system intelligence from any computer at any time, without any specialist software or the need to call technical service.


Each system component may operate independently of the central unit. If the central unit is damaged and the system detects e.g. a fire, each component will decide independently whether to pull up roller blinds, open the windows, doors, activate smoke venting system, etc. You don't need a VPN connection or a static IP address to remotely control the system.

Multimedia will let you

Control the system from every TV with a HDMI connection. Watch videos and managing your private video library. Listen to your favorite music in any room, thanks to non-invasive audio multi-room.

Our Smart Solution

Our Smart solution comprises of many products lines and options for change your old house, office or factory to the smart building as your requirements.

Air conditiong system, lighting, multimedia, switch, security sensor can be changed to smart equipment which can be controled, program, alarm and etc. by you at any place in the world.


Smart home

Let's change your normal home equipments to Smart things

Smart office

Equipment programmed, energy management, Smart security.

Smart shop

Energy management, Theme controlled, Smart security.

Smart farm

Water saving, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts.

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