Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Manufacturers have made considerable progress in their efforts to reduce the vulnerability of equipment to disturbances (optimized immunity to overvoltages, tolerance to brownouts of up to 10 or 20% or even of outages lasting from 5 to 10 ms).

To provide power

in the case of a blackout: this is the classical, although not the most important, function of an UPS.

Quality Power Supply

by filtering and stabilizing the power source which may be the mains supply or a generator and may be affected by considerable disturbances.

Independent Management

with a UPS, the user's worries are over. In the blackout, the UPS will automatically safeguard all programs that are open and, in the case of a fault, can alert service technicians.

Improve Reliability

Improve Reliability of the power system, using redundant solutions that guarantee power quality and continuity even in the case of fault.

Our UPSs

Our UPSs ranges comprises of many products lines and options for powering any type of load (from IT to industrial), in any type of installation (office or dedicated power room), with any type of distribution (single-phase or three-phases, TN/TT or IT), from ant type of power source (mains, generator or transformer).

We also provide a wide range of communications options to allow users to automatically manage their "no-break system" over any type of communication medium (serial connection, BUS connection, mobile connection or LAN).



from 10-4800kVA UPS with single or three-phases system.


from 10-4800kVA UPS with single or three-phases system.


from 3-720kVA UPS with single or three-phases system.


from 500VA-10kVA UPS with online or Line-interactive system.

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